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Community First!

“Home isn’t a roof and four walls. It’s about the people…” – Steven Hebbard of Mobile Loaves & Fishes, Community First! Village founder

Last week, Phil and I toured Community First Village, the 27 acre project in East Austin dedicated to providing work and a home for the homeless. Community First is being put together by the social outreach ministry, Mobile Loaves & Fishes, as well as dozens of organizations and volunteers that contribute their time and skills into building and growing their little village.

Residents are expected to be all moved in by early next year, but for now there’s lots of work to be done! With the vegetable gardens, chicken coop, hydroponic geo dome for a self-sustaining plant and fish harvesting, and ROADS workshop – there are plenty of places to stay busy.

You can see how their Community First is coming along below, but this is a place you have to go see to believe. You can check out their tours and sign up for free welding and woodwork lessons on their website.

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Community First, NeedTo loves what you do for our community! Providing work and connecting people is what we’re all about. So from one social good organization to another – Thanks!


More Ways to Pay: Bitcoin

We're so cool we use Bitcoin

In the spirit of offering flexibility and convenience, NeedTo now has more ways to pay. Just post a Need as you’ve always done, and you can select to pay your provider with Bitcoin currency.

Hold up, what’s Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an open-source currency that is completely digital and can be used anywhere around the world. That’s what makes Bitcoin so attractive these days: “nobody owns or controls Bitcoin, and everyone can take part,” as their website boasts. It allows for instant peer-to-peer transactions. No banks, middlemen, government-controlled agencies, etc.

How to use Bitcoin

The easiest way to acquire Bitcoin is “buying” it through a Bitcoin “wallet,” like Coin Cafe and Coinbase, or by getting paid with it. You can pay with it from your Bitcoin wallet using the generated Bitcoin address, or scanning the QR code. More info on their website here.

Still skeptical?

NeedTo - Pay with BitcoinNever fear, you can warm up to Bitcoin on your own time. In the meantime, feel free to pay your NeedTo provider through PayPal, credit card, or with cold hard cash. It’s really all about how you feel comfortable exchanging goods for services. We’ve simply added another way for you to feel confident while you serve and provide for your community.


Keep Austin Sharing


You know, we don’t say it enough, but we love Austin. Since day one, this city and everyone in it has been so great and welcoming towards what we hoped to achieve – building a stronger community and ending involuntary unemployment.

Building a place to share your skills & help your neighbors

A lot of hard work went into building this dream we now call NeedTo, and it’s been amazing to see how much of a difference it’s made in people’s lives. This isn’t just a website for finishing projects around the house, it’s a tool for reaching out and helping your neighbors.

NeedTo helps neighbors get anything done from mowing the lawn to building a website from everyday people in their community. With NeedTo, you can share your skills directly with those around you, without the hassle of middlemen or business marketing.

It is something that seems to come naturally to Austinites… this idea of a “Sharing Economy.”

What is a “Sharing Economy”?

You may not know the term, but if you haven’t been living under a rock the past decade, then you’ve probably experienced it yourself. It’s an economy built entirely on sharing stuff, space and skills.

Sharing EconomyIn Austin, there is a long list of startups that are all about sharing. HomeAway is a great example – It’s the most widely used vacation rental website run entirely by people who open up their homes to travelers all over the world. HomeAway completely changed our society’s perspective on how we travel, and we love them for it.

Keeping it local

Like all sharing economies, both the traveler and the host on HomeAway benefit from sharing this space. You can find this same dynamic when you share your belongings with neighbors on Acts of Sharing, order take-out with Favor, host a yard sale on FrontYrd, or ship large items across the country with uShip – all awesome companies based in Austin.

I would list more, but you get the picture…

As opposed to consumerism, the sharing economy thrives on circulating things we already have, while directly giving back to the community. Kudos if you are already sharing your time and talents with neighbors in need on NeedTo! It can be a very rewarding experience helping those around you – all you gotta do is share the love.

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?” —Brian Tracy


To the TaskRabbit Community:

First of all, we hope everything works out and everything you loved about the old TaskRabbit gets fixed. I know how frustrating it can be to see income I was counting on suddenly vanish. However, I just want you to know if things don’t improve, we are here for you.

It has been almost two years since we launched NeedTo.com, and in that time, we have kept our promise in giving people the freedom to hire and work how they please. More than just that, we made our platform free and open to anyone who needs help or needs work. After all this time, we thought we should take this opportunity to address a few things.

The facts.

Our community is built with people who need services, and people who need work. It’s simple, “People Helping People.” That means when you hire someone on NeedTo, you are connecting directly with people who can help – Not a company that sends out subcontractors upon your request.

Admittedly, that business model would be the fastest (and, for stockholders, the most profitable) option to getting the help you need, but then you wouldn’t have the wide range of offers, flexibility and quality service that comes along with an open marketplace. We’ve decided to keep it simple. That’s why we let our users post what they please, and allow them connect directly with trusted, reviewed, local providers – no middlemen.

We hear you.

Post what you want. Don’t you hate going to more than one grocery store to get exactly what you want on your list? Us too. With NeedTo, you can post everything from household tasks to fun and obscure odd jobs.. It’s everything you need, all in one place.

Pay what you want. To put it simply: Not all jobs are alike, and neither are providers. We get it. We want you to pay or get paid however you please. In fact, we offer a cash or credit option to pay your helper. Not only do we not charge unnecessary fees, we don’t even require you to use your credit card if you don’t wish to. The platform is yours to use how you will.

Work how you want. NeedTo works on your schedule, not the other way around. Our providers and freelancers are completely free to work when, where, how and as much as they please – without any restrictions on how they should bid. NeedTo offers an online platform to do what you love, and earn what you’re worth. We would never take that away from you.

Support your community. NeedTo is not just a website to post jobs and find work. It’s a place to support your community and keep work local. The people you meet could be living down the street or even next door.

So what happens next?

We built a place where anyone with skills can wake and find work; and we need your support to bring this vision to everywhere in America. It’s ambitious, we know, but we’re going to make it happen. We are just a small bootstrapped startup focused on people first, and our commitment is to keeping our platform simple, free, and open to public. Will you join us?

Ways to help:

  1. Post a Need in your city to get the ball rolling.
  2. Create a provider profile and start getting work.
  3. Share this letter to someone in your community.


–Wade Floyd, Founder & CEO, NeedTo

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It seems productivity is on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days. How is it people like Elon Musk can run 3 multi-million dollar companies simultaneously, when I can barely find time to hit the gym twice a week! It just doesn’t add up…

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“I work. I don’t have time to play around on the Internet all day trying to find new business. I’m a handyman, that’s what I do.”

NeedTo Provider Profile

I hear this from providers all day long. I’m sure you’ve said it yourself. You want to hear the truth? I’m right there with you. Why should you waste your time marketing your business when you already worked your whole life to perfect your craft? [click to continue…]


Meet Craig. He is one of the best handymen you’ll find on NeedTo.com, so we decided to show him off in our very first NeedTo Exclusive.

“Hi, my name is Craig. I’m from Brooklyn, NY – now in Austin, and I use NeedTo.com to help me find jobs.”

“NeedTo for me is like my third… I open up my one email for work, I open another email for personal, and then I open NeedTo.”

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When a job pops up on NeedTo, nearly 10,000 people who are currently registered users can see it. And the number of users is growing every day.

Three Factory Workers

When you create your profile and bid on a job, it’s crucial that YOU stand out and show potential employers that you’ll be up to the task. Capitalize on these six points to improve your profile & offers – start getting more work!

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Playing Santa for a Day


From left to right you can see Andrew, Pierce, Leah and Phil from NeedTo with Andrea from The Salvation Army.

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Franklin Barbecue is something of an Austin staple, and as a new Austinite, I had to try it out. The barbecue is so well known that the queue always snakes down into the parking lot, and the hours are “11-Out (just open for lunch).” When I first arrived in town, I was determined to wait it out, but then I came up with a better solution: I could work with someone on NeedTo. [click to continue…]