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More Ways to Pay: Bitcoin

We're so cool we use Bitcoin

In the spirit of offering flexibility and convenience, NeedTo now has more ways to pay. Just post a Need as you’ve always done, and you can select to pay your provider with Bitcoin currency.

Hold up, what’s Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an open-source currency that is completely digital and can be used anywhere around the world. That’s what makes Bitcoin so attractive these days: “nobody owns or controls Bitcoin, and everyone can take part,” as their website boasts. It allows for instant peer-to-peer transactions. No banks, middlemen, government-controlled agencies, etc.

How to use Bitcoin

The easiest way to acquire Bitcoin is “buying” it through a Bitcoin “wallet,” like Coin Cafe and Coinbase, or by getting paid with it. You can pay with it from your Bitcoin wallet using the generated Bitcoin address, or scanning the QR code. More info on their website here.

Still skeptical?

NeedTo - Pay with BitcoinNever fear, you can warm up to Bitcoin on your own time. In the meantime, feel free to pay your NeedTo provider through PayPal, credit card, or with cold hard cash. It’s really all about how you feel comfortable exchanging goods for services. We’ve simply added another way for you to feel confident while you serve and provide for your community.

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