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Community First!

“Home isn’t a roof and four walls. It’s about the people…” – Steven Hebbard of Mobile Loaves & Fishes, Community First! Village founder

Last week, Phil and I toured Community First Village, the 27 acre project in East Austin dedicated to providing work and a home for the homeless. Community First is being put together by the social outreach ministry, Mobile Loaves & Fishes, as well as dozens of organizations and volunteers that contribute their time and skills into building and growing their little village.

Residents are expected to be all moved in by early next year, but for now there’s lots of work to be done! With the vegetable gardens, chicken coop, hydroponic geo dome for a self-sustaining plant and fish harvesting, and ROADS workshop – there are plenty of places to stay busy.

You can see how their Community First is coming along below, but this is a place you have to go see to believe. You can check out their tours and sign up for free welding and woodwork lessons on their website.

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Community First, NeedTo loves what you do for our community! Providing work and connecting people is what we’re all about. So from one social good organization to another – Thanks!

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