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#HowTo: Get Hired on NeedTo

When a job pops up on NeedTo, nearly 10,000 people who are currently registered users can see it. And the number of users is growing every day.

Three Factory Workers

When you create your profile and bid on a job, it’s crucial that YOU stand out and show potential employers that you’ll be up to the task. Capitalize on these six points to improve your profile & offers – start getting more work!


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1. Photos

Real people have real faces, so showing your face in your profile shows your employers that you a real person. The picture should be clear, appropriate and well-lit.

A picture of your face also shows that you represent yourself, and that you are willing to take responsibility for your reputation and actions, both good traits in employees. If you’re having trouble finding a photo, you link your NeedTo account to your Facebook or Gravatar accounts and use your profile picture.

2. Phone Verification

This feature of the website is one of the most useful, as it will alert you about job developments via text message. That way you can stay up to date on the jobs you’re looking at, know when an employer messages you and reply quickly. In essence, this feature helps you be a better employee.

3. Reviews and Recommendations

Reviews are the most effective way to improve your profile. Not only does a review inform other employers about the kind of work you do, but it also shows how you’ve used NeedTo in the past. On a personal level, the intricate rating scale can help you identify the areas you need to work on to become a better employee.

In lieu of a review, which requires that you be hired through the NeedTo system, recommendations are the way to go. Recommendations are for people who have worked with you or employed you in the past, but have not worked with you on NeedTo. Take advantage of the possibilities the recommendation system allows and ask your co-workers and bosses to recommend you.

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4. Skills, Projects, and Past Positions

Add your voice, your skills, and your achievements to show rather than tell why you would be a good choice.

  • Choosing a field of employment insures that you are notified when a need matching your skills is posted.
  • Skills show that you know your business and pop-up if an employer searches for you using keywords.
  • Including past employment information give you even more references than the ones you gain on NeedTo.
  • Write about your volunteer positions to show that you give back and engage in your community. (Learn more below in Badges and Verifications)
  • Uploading media from your projects gives a graphic punch to your profile. Don’t feel limited to only including art and design examples, if your skills are in cleaning, include before and after pictures of a place you’ve worked. (With permission, of course.)

5. Badges and Verifications

NeedTo badges show who you are, whether you are a volunteer, student, or a veteran. And the NeedTo staff takes them pretty seriously. Each badge is verified by a staffer who follows-up on your profile and makes sure that you’re qualified for the badge you’ve applied for. We require verified military service, completed courses at a school of higher learning, or at least five hours a week of voluntary service for each of the military, educational, and volunteer badges, respectitvely. Get these badges to really show a deep commitment to your community, country and educational background.

After your profile is 70% complete, you can apply for a free background check. This is extremely useful for employers. NeedTo strongly recommends that qualified users get background checks.

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6. Thoughtful Bids

Finally, when you apply for a job, think about what your employer wants and address it directly. Use your knowledge and skills to clearly explain why you would be the best choice for a job and how you would get it done. Always invite an employer to view your profile and contact you.

Just like phone verification, a thoughtful bid is a way to show that you are a good choice before you are hired. Even if you don’t get the job, you might be perfect next time.

Well, that’s it! Hopefully this guide has not only taught you a little bit about NeedTo.com, but also inspired you to work on improving your profile and getting out into the job market!

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