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NeedTo Exclusive: Featuring Randall “Craig” Stringer

Meet Craig. He is one of the best handymen you’ll find on NeedTo.com, so we decided to show him off in our very first NeedTo Exclusive.

“Hi, my name is Craig. I’m from Brooklyn, NY – now in Austin, and I use NeedTo.com to help me find jobs.”

“NeedTo for me is like my third… I open up my one email for work, I open another email for personal, and then I open NeedTo.”

What type of work have you done on NeedTo?

“The jobs that I’ve gotten have mostly been in landscaping – mowing, trimming, edging, tree trimming. I did a make-ready for a rental. A lot of the work that I apply to is the same way. It’s always the same. Anything from hanging ceiling fans for $20 to data entry, which sort of surprised me. My handyman work, my carpentry work, everything else I do and have done for NeedTo comes from my personal background of growing up in a family of carpenters and bricklayers, having skills with the tools to loving to do my own lawn.”

Why do you use NeedTo?

“It offers me the opportunity to do gig work that gives me the free time to explore Austin and grow into Austin. I have been to almost every area of Austin. And I know that because of the project I did for the real estate guy where I know all the different regions – I’ve been to all the regions on my bike. You get to see a perspective on the bike that you just don’t get to see, or don’t have the freedom to see all the time. So that’s really helping me feel more comfortable here.”

How are the people you’ve met through NeedTo?

“Terrific, professional, ahh.. humorous. I have actually enjoyed their company quite a bit. I like the people that I’ve met so far very much.”

About Craig: He uses NeedTo to find gigs in Austin while searching for full-time non-profit work. Craig is a skilled handyman with extensive computer background and design/creative experience as well. He also enjoys long-distance biking, exploring, volunteering, and his two cats.

Find Craig on NeedTo: https://needto.com/users/rcsatx1 

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