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No Presents this Year, Pay it Forward

I know it may sound terrible, but I hate presents. Stay with me — many presents are either extraneous or impersonal and end up gathering dust in the linen closet. This year, I decided that I’ll find a way to do something meaningful for the people who matter most to me. [click to continue…]


Social Good in the Wake of Central Texas Flooding

As I wandered into the southeast Austin neighbor of Onion Creek, I was struck by the devastation of the recent flood. I had entered a wholly surreal scene. The horizon was lined with uprooted trees, the ground was littered with debris, and houses were ominously marked for demolition. This Halloween’s flood reached a record 41 feet and damaged 1,200 homes in central Texas. But the spirit of the neighborhood brightly carried on. [click to continue…]


The Story Behind NeedTo

To those who don’t know me just wanted to personally introduce myself and share the story of how NeedTo came to be. There’s so much that I want to share with you but first things first! Let’s start from the beginning…

[click to continue…]